Create a New You in 3 Steps

Are there things about yourself that you’d like to change?  Your weight, your habits, and maybe even your outlook on life?  We are trained to think that change is hard, that it takes time. But it really doesn’t have to be.  I’m here to argue that lasting change happens in an instant.  I understand that […]


Lose Fat and Tone Up...

Talk to 10 people and you’ll get 10 different opinions on the best way to get fit.

One will tell you to attend an aerobics class. Another will swear by jogging.  Yet another will tell you that dance and biking worked for them.

The truth is that there’s really only one effective way to get fit. 

Before […]

Focus on this and magic starts to happen

Wanna Lose Fat. Focus on this…

There’s an old Japanese proverb … Fall down seven times, get up eight. No matter how many times you fail, you get up and try again. If you’re having a tough time… you’ve missed a workout (or two), or struggling with new healthy habits… remember this: Don’t dwell on your past struggles. Learn from them… […]

I think this is holding you back…

Wanna lose fat? Do This

And it is something that you have complete control over…it’s the intensity with which you exercise. Intensity is something that’s difficult for the outside observer to measure but is felt within your body as you go through the motions of an exercise. Now I understand the urge to put out token effort in your workout, […]

Easy Fat Loss Trick (this this!)

Here’s one small change to your daily routine that will help those unwanted pounds come off quickly and easily. ***Disclaimer: This sounds so easy but try it out before writing it off as too easy.*** The easy fat loss trick that you’re not doing is to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water daily. […]

 This makes it harder to reach your goals

This month we are going to talk about balance – work/life balance, a balanced diet, etc. – but first, I want to dispel a HUGE MYTH. Here it is:  When you take on something new – or ramp up to reach a big goal – sometimes you have to throw the idea of “balance” out […]

Secret weapon against belly fat & high blood sugar

This is a must-read for your health! We hear so much about high blood sugar, insulin resistance, diabetes, etc. that it can be tempting to tune it out.  Here are some stats that made me sit up and pay more attention: Woah, right? This is something we ALL need to pay attention to because it […]

The happiness hack you’ve been waiting for

applied fitness helps clients lose weight

Ever wish you had a magic button that you could press to instantly boost your mood?  What if I told you that button exists, and it’s within your reach right now? Say hello to your new best friend – Exercise!  Exercise isn’t just for fitness. It’s an all-natural mood booster that can significantly improve your […]

Half of all adults over 50 face this risk (shocking!)

I just came across some info that made me do a double-take… Did you know that one in two women and up to one in four men will break a bone in their lifetime due to osteoporosis?!!! Not only that but HALF of all adults age 50 and older are at risk of breaking a […]

This choice will change your life

Let’s talk about CHOICES. Specifically ONE choice – an exciting and potentially life-changing one. 🎯What if tomorrow morning, you woke up and chose to live as the most powerful version of yourself? As someone with a clear vision for what they want, a strong belief in their ability to take action, and the desire (and […]