Struggle with all or nothing thinking? Do this…

Do you ever find yourself getting really frustrated that………no matter how hard you seem to try, sticking to a diet or workout routine always seems to fail?

It’s not because of your intentions and it’s not because of your desire to change. It’s because you’ve fallen into the trap that we all do which is……..”if I can’t follow the plan 100% I won’t see results, so what’s the use?”

Now that Summer is here, that mindset can derail us even more. But this thinking is exactly why most of us go up and down for YEARS when it comes to our health and fitness goals. It’s the classic “all or nothing mentality”.

But here’s the thing… doesn’t take discipline to get the results you’re after. It just takes consistency. There’s a BIG difference. Discipline is all about a strict and rigid adoption of RULES.

Rules that, if broken, require punishment. When we apply that punishment to ourselves it usually means self loathing, and ultimately self sabotage. But consistency is all about harmony, fluidity, and sameness. With discipline you can have many goals but only one way to reach each of them.

This is what locks you into the perfectionist mindset. But with consistency there is only one goal with many ways to reach it.It‘s not bad to be disciplined, it’s just the wrong approach if you want to be happy with your fitness goals long term.

Think about it…..if your goal is to be a happy person you can be consistently happy even though you have days when you’re sad.It doesn’t mean you’re not a happy person………it just means your happiness level can fluctuate based on life’s circumstances. Just because you can’t workout 5 days per week or follow a nutrition program 100% doesn’t mean you’re not successful.

It just means you’re not perfect. But thankfully….nobody is. Don’t fall into the all of nothing trap this Summer that only causes you more frustration and sets you back even more. You don’t have to do it. You just need to do something.

When you do, you’ll head into the Fall with momentum rather than starting all over again!

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