Are you guilty of this too?

I love shiny new objects!

You get excited about something new.

You are SUPER motivated because it’s going to be awesome!

You put in all the work to get started and it’s going great.

And then…

Squirrel! 👀

You jump to the next thing and never finish what you just started.

Sound familiar?

This happens ALL the time with weight loss programs.

A new workout.
A new diet.
A new supplement.
A new medication.

The shiny new thing is the key to you losing weight and keeping it off.

The truth is that it’s exactly what’s holding you back from getting what you want.

The BEST thing you can do is be consistent.

You need a program that you can do for more than 30 days…

You need to learn the habits and flexibility so that you can sustain it long term.

Last I checked, you’re going to need to be healthy for the rest of your life…

When you shift your mindset to long term vs. short term, you will immediately start to see better results.

Funny how that works.

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