Are You Eating Enough…

If fat loss is the goal, the necessary strategy is a calorie deficit. The problem with that is most people are creating too large of a deficit, which works in the very beginning, but then ends up plateauing, or even worse, ending up with a few more pounds of fat than when you started.

The other problem is staying in the correct calorie deficit for too long without going back to a maintenance period to avoid metabolic adaptations.

I have worked with so many clients who have DESTROYED their metabolisms with a low-calorie intake and excessive beatdown workouts. That’s how we were told to do it, right? Starve ourselves and workout like crazy.

The unfortunate repercussions are what we are seeing now. One of the hardest conversations to have with a new client is explaining that we need to eat more, and potentially gain some weight, to heal the metabolism before we can then get ready to strive for fat loss.

Here are six signs that you are not eating enough:

  1. Are you always tired and have low energy levels?
  2. Has your fat loss plateaued?
  3. Are you constantly hungry?
  4. Are you unable to get through or struggle to get through your workouts?
  5. Are you stressed and easily irritated?
  6. Do you have trouble sleeping?

If you are experiencing any of these, it may be a sign that you are not eating enough! Need help in designing a perfect plan (your plan) lets talk. Schedule your complimentary session HERE.

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