Don’t Fall For This Fat Loss MYTH

People tend to assume that in order to lose weight they need to cut calories.

This is NOT necessarily true.

In fact, cutting more calories could be the reason you might not be losing weight.

There are a couple things to consider first. What is your body and metabolism used to when it comes to your nutrition?

People typically fall into one of three categories.

1 – Chronic over eater. You are consuming more calories than your body requires daily.  

2 – Chronic under eater. You’ve been trying to lose weight so you cut calories.  You’ve been restricting what you eat for years and not seeing results. This can happen if you have a busy or inconsistent schedule as well.

3 – Yo-yo Eater. You try to be REALLY good with your eating.  Avoid carbs and foods you love.   When you fall off the wagon, you binge on ALL of the things.  You go from eating few calories to eating a LOT of calories.

ALL of these types of eaters place a large amount of stress on your body and metabolism. Your body will not respond the way you want when it is under constant stress. 

You won’t lose weight. In order for you to lose weight and fat, your body needs to have a stable environment. 

It needs a CONSISTENT environment. Once you understand your body’s needs, you can take the proper approach to creating a healthy environment for your body. 

Results will quickly follow.

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