The sum of your choices…

Each day is filled with choices. We chose whether or not to exercise, to eat a healthy breakfast, or to do something productive. We chose whether or not to eat that donut, to sleep in, or to watch an extra hour of TV. At the end of each day the sum of your choices pushes […]

How to feel better (unspoken benefit of exercise)

Most of the time, when encouraging you to exercise, I focus on your health and fitness goals. These are two significant benefits, but there’s another side effect of exercise that’s hugely important… How exercise makes you feel. Every workout has an immediate impact on your energy, mood, body chemistry, and even mental functioning. The endorphins […]

Most people say they want to be fit, and yet only a very small percentage actually are fit. Why is this? Because they are doing the WRONG THINGS!  Here are 5 examples to get you started on your fitness journey… #1: DO THIS: Exercise DailyThe truly fit among us choose to hit the gym instead of getting […]

Choose Your Hard

I know why you’ve been reluctant to jump on the fitness bandwagon, and I’m not blaming you for it.  Because fitness is hard.  Want to know just how hard? Here’s a glimpse into the Fit Life:  Fit Life Truth #1: Exercise CountsLace up your shoes and hit the gym instead of getting extra sleep, watching […]

Don’t confuse “Active” with Fit

When it comes to excuses for not exercising, I’ve heard them all.  Sometimes the excuse is self-inflicted: I don’t have the time. Other times the excuse is pure procrastination: I’m going to start as soon as tax season ends. And then there are excuses that are downright funny: I don’t like to sweat.  As delicately as possible, I […]

Why you’re not losing weight…

If losing fat were easy then we’d all look like fitness models, right? Unfortunately, the fat loss game is more frustrating than most care to admit. The scale quickly becomes a dreaded enemy—a constant bearer of bad news. If the number on your scale won’t budge then read on for an explanation: Possibility #1: You’re […]

How long it really takes to get results…

I’ve got a good one for you today – this is something I get asked about all the time: How long does it take to get results from your fitness routine? This email will lay it all out for you but I also want you to keep one important thing in mind … PLEASE do […]

3-Step Excuse Buster

Has this ever happened to you before? You’re planning to work out after work … but right when it’s time to leave, you start to think: You’re too tired The weather is too cold/hot/nice/cruddy You’re hungry You have too much to do You’re stressed You’re not sure what workout to do You really just want […]