Kelly’s a busy mother of two who got back to her athletic self!

“I didn’t really have a workout routine before I joined here. I thought that cleaning the house, picking up toys, and running around outside with my boys was a good workout until I came here and I realized this is a true workout. I’m back to the athletic Kelly that I used to be when […]

Chris is in better shape at 52 than she was in her 40s!

“Since joining in 2022 I have lost three jean sizes and over twenty pounds and have kept if off. At 52 I’m in better shape than I was in my forties. I have also made many good friends that I look forward to working out with which makes each workout fun.”

Being fit feels GREAT!

Fitness has been important to me for different reasons at different times of my life.  Now, in my 50’s, with a teenage daughter, it’s to be a good role model to her, but also because I feel great when I’m active, have time devoted just for me, and also to be proactive for good health […]


Dawn finds the support and encouragement she needs to be successful and get the results she is looking by coming to Applied Fitness


Fitness has changed my life by giving me the energy to do things I never thought possible.


Sharon isn’t one of those people who love to exercise, but she loves how exercise makes her feel and the benefits it adds to her life!