Being fit feels GREAT!

Fitness has been important to me for different reasons at different times of my life.  Now, in my 50’s, with a teenage daughter, it’s to be a good role model to her, but also because I feel great when I’m active, have time devoted just for me, and also to be proactive for good health and longevity.

When I exercise consistently and eat healthfully and in moderation I feel great, energetic, inspired and ready to face each day with positive enthusiasm.  When I deviate from this I feel it in all those aspects.  This is why fitness has to be as an essential part of my day just like eating and sleeping.

I have a history of health issues that is long and daunting.  I need to do what I can to be and stay healthy. Plus, life is just all around better when I feel great!

~Patti H.

Look Better, Feel Better and Have More Energy To Do The Things You Love.

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