How to let negativity bounce off you

I don’t know who needs to hear this but…

Everyone — and I mean everyone! — struggles with their motivation and mindset sometimes.

But that doesn’t mean you give up.

Instead, you have to get tactical. 

So, today I want to share a couple of simple tools you can use to keep yourself on track when you’re not feeling it.

They’re affirmations and intentions — and they might be different than you think! 

Sometimes they get lumped in the “woo-woo” category but they’re actually backed by studies.

☑️ Affirmations boost brain activity, help you stick with healthy habits, improve self-control, and even help you feel happier and more fulfilled.

☑️ Intentions can help motivate you to follow through on your specific goals. 

Together, they help you build momentum.

But what’s the difference? Here’s one way to think of them:

☔️ Affirmations are like an umbrella, protecting you from negativity and distractions by keeping them from you.
☂️ Intentions are all about the things you do UNDER the umbrella to make your goals a reality!

Affirmations vs. Intentions

Affirmations are:

  • focused on changing beliefs and attitudes
  • aspirational, helping you change or create a positive thought pattern
  • usually have a longer-term focus

Here are a few examples of healthy affirmations:

  • I am strong, healthy, and full of energy
  • My body is resilient, capable, and strong
  • I respect my body with nourishing food and regular exercise

Intentions are:

  • focused on guiding your actions or behaviors
  • practical, focusing on how you want to live, act, or what you want to achieve
  • usually focused on your day or a specific task

Here are some examples of intentions:

  • I’m going to give it 100% during my workout today
  • My food choices today will support my health and fitness goals
  • Today I will listen to my body and rest when needed

When was the last time you set an intention for the day? It’s not too late to create one today! 😉Need help? inspiration or a customized plan! Click HERE

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