This may predict your fat loss future

I saw a stat recently about how the average adult spends more than 5 hours on their phone every day. Wow, right?

… but this BLOG post isn’t about your phone.

It’s about something bigger: your future…

And the things that deserve to have a central place in your life.

Because what you FEED — with your attention, thoughts, and actions — will become your FOCUS.

And your FOCUS will grow to occupy a significant place in your life.

Which makes it really important to monitor what you’re feeding.

  • Are you cultivating positive, uplifting thoughts?
  • Are you spending time on things that really matter to you?
  • Are you taking actions that move you in a great direction?

OR… are you 

  • Throwing away hours on your phone, scrolling random videos?
  • Streaming all the latest shows?
  • Spending time worrying about problems, instead of taking action?

When you start monitoring what you’re FEEDING, you can start to see a direct line to where your FOCUS is.

So this week, I encourage you to give this some thought. 

What are YOU feeding? And is it moving you in a positive direction that’s aligned with your goals?

If you’re struggling with this, having a coach can help. We here to help. Just ask. Schedule your complimentary session HERE!

Yours In Health,


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