When I focused on this, everything fell into place

We’re in the last lap of 2023 — and if you want to end the year with a giant exclamation point of accomplishment, there’s ONE THING you can do:

Zero in on your “Sphere of Control.”

That means focusing on things you actually have control over, like: 

  • Your actions
  • Your mindset
  • Your effort

… And letting go of everything else.

Here’s a graphic that shows how this sphere works:

When you focus on the things you control, you move FORWARD toward your goals.

A few health and fitness examples of your sphere of control:

  • Your workouts
  • The quality of the food you eat
  • Your performance and consistency

Plus, your efforts in your “things you can control” circle carry a bonus. They can power the “things you can influence” by helping you make gains there, too.

Some health/fitness-related examples in your sphere of influence:

  • Setting up your bedroom so it’s cool, dark, and quiet, to help you get a great night of sleep
  • Being consistent with your workouts and nutrition, to lose weight or get into shape
  • Keeping an up-to-date calendar (including time for workouts and self-care), to stop your schedule from getting out of control

There are also things you can’t control or influence, no matter how hard you try! To name a few: the weather, the passing of time, and your genetics. 

It’s much better to work WITH those things than drive yourself nuts trying to control them.

I do a quick scan of my “sphere of control” every few months. It helps me streamline my thinking so I can focus on the things that I can do to move me forward, faster.

What does it mean for you? What are your top 2-3 actions to put on “repeat” for the rest of the year? 

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Make it an amazing day,


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