Why diets don’t work

We are a culture of ‘dieters’.

And we have been for a LONG time.

Low carb, low fat, high fat, Keto, intermittent fasting, on and on…

They are constantly marketing the next thing under a new name. ( READ The Dangers Of Fad Diets HERE)

Here’s the truth about diets though…

They are a form of calorie restriction.

Cut out carbs = eat less calories (Keto).

Eat during less hours of the day = eat less calories (intermittent fasting).

By eating less calories, you will lose weight.

But you WILL plateau before you reach your goal though…

And the problem is that the weight loss is temporary.


Because when you restrict calories, you eat less than your body needs to be nourished properly.

The side effect is your metabolism slows down and you will store fats.

You cannot continue to restrict calories forever. It’s extremely hard and life simply doesn’t work that way.

At some point, you will eat out at a restaurant, get together for a family dinner, etc…

Most people fall off track at some point.

And when you do, you will go back to old habits and start to eat more calories.

That’s when the weight gain starts…

And on goes the cycle of yo-yo dieting.

That’s why the foundation of our nutrition programs at Fit Body are designed to nourish your body.

When we exercise to be strong and eat to be healthy, the byproduct is losing weight. And you WILL keep it off!

Stop dieting and start a program that will make you healthy and lose weight.

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