How to stop snacking on junk

Let’s talk about cravings for junk food – and what you can do to beat them.You know what I’m talking about… you’re sitting at your desk at 2 p.m. and suddenly ALL you can think about are chocolate chip cookies.

Or you’re watching TV at night and feel the ice cream or chips in the kitchen calling your name.These cravings are super common — and they can be caused by a lot of things.

You could be hungryYou might be stressed, lonely, or boredYou’ve developed a habit of snacking around a certain time or activityYour hunger hormones might be out of whack from a bad night of sleep, hormonal or a number of thingsYou might have a nutrient deficiency 

Eating a special treat every once in a while is fine — and even encouraged! But on a regular basis, it can get in the way of your results (not to mention your health).

I’ve got a 5-point list to help you slay those junk food cravings and take back control!

Plan ahead. Have healthier options on hand: fruits, cut-up veggies, nuts, etc. (PS: I know you already know this — but do you actually DO it? 🙂 )

Hide food offenders. If you have foods in the house that bring on cravings, keep them out of sight!

Eat it. Allow yourself to snack on your favorites once in a while. This way they don’t become “forbidden foods” that make you crave them even more.

Try mindful eating. When you do indulge, make eating that food your only activity. Turn off the TV, get off your phone, and savor every bite, noticing its taste, texture, temperature, etc. This can help you feel more satisfied with a smaller portion.

Plus it can help you decide whether you’re eating because you’re actually hungry… or because of something else (entertainment, to relax, bored, etc.).

Habits can be changed — they just take time!

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