the tortoise and the hare [a fitness story]

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare…

This one is a bit different.

See the Tortoise and the Hare already had their race.

We know who won…

But years later the Hare was still upset about the loss.

It had been some time since they had both exercised and they had gained some unwanted weight.

So the Hare proposed a weight loss competition.

Instead of a foot race, it was to see who could lose 10 pounds first.

The Tortoise agreed and off they went.

The Hare hit the ground running. Literally.

He did HOURS of cardio. Running. Running. More running. 

He ate VERY little. It would leave even the littlest bunny starving.

He thought, “If I do more and eat less, I’ll be sure to lose weight the fastest!”

After the first week, the Hare was down 6lbs. He was starving and exhausted but the results were there.

The Tortoise on the other hand ate balanced meals. She only exercised three times. After the first week, she was down 2lbs.  

The Hare thought he had this in the bag. He was already more than halfway there.

The second week, the Hare started strong again. Running and running. Nibbling and nibbling.

Halfway through the week, he couldn’t get out of bed. His excessive routine caught up with him. He missed the next 3 days of workouts. 

At the end of the second week, the Hare had gained 3lbs back and was now only down 3lbs from where he started.

The Tortoise stayed consistent with the same routine as week one and lost another 3lbs. 

Hare: -3lbs.

Tortoise: -5lbs.

Entering the third week, the Hare was feeling unmotivated from gaining weight back. 

After eating so little for 2 weeks, the cravings started to kick in. Just one cheat won’t hurt right? The Hare didn’t stop at one though. It was too delicious. The box of cookies was gone before he knew what happened.

At the end of the third week, the Hare was back to his starting weight.

The Tortoise on the other hand stayed consistent and lost another 3lbs.

Hare: No weight loss.

Tortoise: -8lbs.

As the fourth week began, the Hare was now upset. 

“Nothing I do seems to work! Why try at all?” he thought.

That was that. The Hare stopped.

The Tortoise stuck with her routine though. She lost another 2lbs and won the competition.

Slow and steady wins the race again!

Clearly this story isn’t real. Far too often it’s true though.

Weight loss is NOT a sprint. More often than not you will end up back where you started or worse.

Be consistent! Pick a routine you can stick with. When you do, you will get consistent results. Just like the Tortoise. Still curious why youre not losing weight? Check this out…

Yours In Health,


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